Buying and Lens Guide

How to Choose the Right Lens for Your Sunglasses

There are many different lens choices for your sunglasses, which is a good thing. But, with so many colors and options, how do you choose the best sunglass lenses for you? 

Choosing the best sunglass lenses by sport or activity

It makes sense that you want sunglass lenses that will perform best in your favorite sport or activity. If your highest priority is performance, you should choose a lens designed for the unique visual needs or variables you'll experience.

For example:

  • If you’re a golfer, brown lenses increase contrast off green surfaces. It’s the best sunglass lens color that helps you pick up the golf ball quickly.
  • If you run or ride a mountain bike on trails, an amber-colored or rose copper lens will enhance contrast. This helps you read the terrain quickly for greater safety and performance.
  • Plus, you can get a mirror coating to decrease brightness for either of these activities.

That’s just two examples. There are sunglass lens colors and coating combinations that are ideal for virtually any sport or activity, from motorcycling to mountaineering to skiing and more.

Choosing your sunglasses lenses by weather or indoor lighting

While weather is constantly changing, you should consider conditions you commonly experience when you choose your sunglass lens. Even activities you typically play indoors, such as racquetball, should account for the glare from harsh gym lighting.

For example:

  • Bright and sunny climates are best matched to a dark brown lens tint to minimize the effects of harsh sun.
  • A general purpose lens is best for mixed and widely variable weather, such as the rose copper-tint with the specific coating options you’ll find in the SportRx Start-to-Finish lens.
  • Overcast conditions require a contrasting lens, such as brown, amber or rose copper. The SportRx Over-It lens is a good light-tint option.
  • For the best vision performance with indoor lighting, choose clear lenses with an anti-reflective coating.
The Perfect Sunglass Lens is a Good Combination

It’s important to keep in mind that choosing the lens for your sunglasses is not an “either-or” option. You should choose a lens based both on how and where you will wear them. Additionally, some sunglasses have an interchangeable mount option. This gives you even greater flexibility as your activity or conditions change.

Best of all, once you choose your tint color and coating options, SportRx has an in-house optics lab that will build lenses precisely matched to your prescription. That adds an even greater degree of customization and greater visual performance…for your perfect pair of sunglasses.

How to Choose the Right Sunglass Frames

Selecting the sunglass frames for your SportRx prescription order is a highly individual choice. Of course, you want comfort and performance. But sunglass frames also make a personal statement, so you want it to reflect your unique personality. Whether you’re looking for sports-specific performance, casual wear, or a stylish look, here are some factors to consider when choosing your sunglass frames.

Your Design Choices in Sunglass Frames

You have a large number of options when it comes to frame design. Here are just a few popular shapes and designs, and some of their benefits.

Wraparounds: Many sunglass frames designed for active lifestyles or sports feature a wraparound design. These have the advantage of giving you good protection in front and on the sides. If an impact from a ball or projectile is a concern, wraparound frame shapes are a good choice (you should also check the frame’s ASTM safety rating).

Aviator-style: This timeless classic frame design is often used for casual wear. This type of frame gives you a large lens surface for a greater visual field. Although it offers little in the way of side protection, it does give you more peripheral (non-prescription) vision.

Sports rimless: Popularized by sports performance and their athletes. These sleek sunglass frames features lenses that are attached to a single, rimless bar. Lenses are often interchangeable. You get ultra-lightweight comfort, a wide visual field, great peripheral vision and excellent protection with these types of sunglass frames.

Face Size and Shape

It might surprise you to know that sunglass frames vary in how they fit different face shapes and sizes. Plus, some are specifically made for women’s faces and others for kids. You’ll find all SportRx product descriptions will help you match the frame to your face shape and size. And you can always contact us for help in finding your best frame size.

Comfort and Performance Features

Besides frame design and sizing, other factors are comfort and performance. Each brand has unique innovations and technology. Small—but important—details, like the padding used for the nose and ear pieces, can affect how snug and comfortably your sunglasses feel. For example, many brands use advanced hydrophilic-megol rubber, which actually increases the grip on your skin the more you sweat. Some use softer and more pliable nose and ear padding for form-fitting comfort in casual wear frames.

Yes, You Can Find the Perfect Frame for You

While these are just a few factors to consider, you can also:

Although the choices are almost endless, there is a sunglass frame that can give you exactly what you’re looking for in terms of function, performance, comfort, style…or all the above.